Wednesday, April 28, 2010

AH-MAH-ZING! (to be said in Rachel Zoe's Voice)

I love Dannii Minogue. I'm obsessed plain and simple.

I want to cut my hair short now. Get some boobs (actually probably not this one). Find a ex-rugby player/model boyfriend, become a judge on a talent show, have a frenemy from a UK Girl Band. Get knocked up by said footballer and launch my own fashion line. She is totally living my dream life. I Blame my parents for my current state of anonymity. Its so unfair that I wasn't put in the Johnny Young Talent school when I was 5. I could totally have been living this life instead of her.

This is her launching her Project D clothing line at Selfridges in the UK today.
For more on my obsession with Dannii Minogue please see This month I wanna be... on the left


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  2. Look at it. Gawjus. Honestly, she has never looked better. Pregnancy suits the DM big time!