Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Guess who? Don't sue!

Two Personalities with Paparazzi
A certain actress clearly wasn’t feeling too harmonious at a recent music festival. She seemed to adopt dual personalities with the swarms of paparazzi who were there. One minute she was smiling and posing for the cameras; the next, she was holding her hand to the side of her face to thwart photographs. We do note, however, that her receptivity to attention did seem to increase directly with her intake of alcohol and swag. Perhaps she was in a better mood because she traded off some of the swag for some white powder.  My guess: Lindsay?

She Lied About Losing Her Wedding Ring
This Academy Award winner/nominee actress recently sold her wedding ring to pay off gambling debts of one of her children. She told her A list movie actor husband she had lost the ring because he told her not to help this child anymore who she had with another celebrity. Blindgossip
Dressed for success
This married, almost became an A list actress and who is now a very, very pretty B-/C+ who only does movies, was out eating dinner earlier this week prior to going to an event. As is her custom she made use of the facilities after eating to throw it all up. The problem is that she ended up making a mess all over her multi thousand dollar dress. So, she paid her waitress $500 for the clothes she was wearing and our actress wore a polo and jeans to a black tie event. CDAN

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