Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm just going to brag for a minute...

The line up for the Galstonbury Music festival was released today and I nearly wet my pants. You see I AM GOING and have been looking forward to this since I walked out of the gates at last years festival. (Yes I went last year too, and VIP thank you very much!! I need to say a special thank you to Vincent Pagent for that). If you would like to see the line up and shead a little tear like I did you can view it here Dont bother trying to get tickets though. Its sold out. Will tell you how it is when I am there if you like.
This is my photo I took backstage as Lily Allen walked past. Straight after this she ran over and gave me a hug telling me she wanted to be my BFF. I told her i was kind of full up at the moment and to try again next year

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