Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 more sleeps till tickets go on sale...

for Michael Buble's Australian tour!!!!!! *Squeals in delight* I'm an out and proud Buble stalker fan and I am not ashamed. One day we will be together. I don't care about the rumours of him sleeping with anything that walks... that just tips the odds in my favour that one day I can be anything that walks.

This would be the best photo in the world if it wasn't for his fiance holding on for dear life and the freaky bodyguard (I'm also ignoring the Disney bag he is carrying... what is that about!!!)


  1. Forget Perez, forget Digital Spy, forget HeatWorld, Misc is where it's at! Seriously, I'm becoming slightly addicted to your witty celeb commentary.

    As for Buble, I'm also a huge fan. I can over look the Disney bag, but not those terrible cowboy boots c.2006 that blondie hanging-off-his-arm is strutting around in...! Cute dress, though.

  2. Awww thanks Will. That means alot!

    You got it soooo right with the 2006 thing. One could ssay she is so 2000-n-late. ahahahah

  3. Forget it, Miss Oracle, you are not going out with a womaniser like Micahel Bubble. Even his name is suggestive: Boob Lay. It rhymes with No Way.

  4. Whatever Dad. We will be together and you will be nice to him.