Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Guess Who? Don't Sue.

* This married couple is still married but it is pretty much for show. She is an A list singer who drags her husband out of the house for shopping and things. The only reason she is keeping him around is because she has a new album coming out and doesn't want to talk about marriage. She doesn't wear her wedding ring even when they are out together. She makes him sleep in the guest house or at his friends. Meanwhile she has "friends" who come stay with her. From Crazy Days And Nights
Could this be Christina? You only every see her running erands and shopping with her husband. She also has a new album coming out any day.

* Lots of summer movies will be coming out soon. The leading lady choice for one of them was a surprise. She is so miscast that you will likely be puzzled as to how the heck she scored the role. It certainly wasn’t her talent. It was her relation to another actor. Her relative did some scoring of their own back in the day, and the young one is now reaping the benefits. Yes, little girl, there are dozens of people who know that you were not booked because of your talent. Eventually, though, you’re going to have to stand on your own two feet.From Blindgossip
Got no idea on this one but would love to know!

* Two young actresses are on a mission to become the next Paris and Nicole. Which is really quite sad since these two actually have talent. One is even saying that she is “going to be the next Lindsay Lohan. After she croaks of course.” Her words, not mine. One is clearly in charge, while the other is soaking up the fame. She was so un-popular in high school. She should have put out then like she does now. Not Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. From the Gossipboy
This could be any young starlet in hollywood


  1. Mariah Carey for number one? I'm not sure if she has a new album coming out, but her and Nick Cannon have always seemed like a weird coupling to me!

  2. oooh thats a good one. I still think Christina but you have got me thinking now