Thursday, May 13, 2010

I KNEW IT!!! Heidi and Spencer are horders.

I knew the house they "lived in" on the Hills was a fake! Check out their real house.

Heidi and Spencer are living in filth — NOT the posh Hollywood Hills mansion that we see each week on The Hills. They actually live in a creepy, dumpy home in Pacific Palisades where Spencer allows their un-potty trained puppies to poop all over the house! AND instead of flat screens, and Baccarat crystal lining their walls and shelves they have giant healing crystals reminiscent of Fraggle Rock and dirty dishes EVERYWHERE! Take a look at the photo up top provided by Life & Style … that’s their kitchen!

Life & Style reports Heidi has only been allowed to leave their home three times in the past month! But here’s the most random and shocking piece of lunacy I’ve discovered today … they have a roommate! “Spencer let one of his new friends, a former marine named Paul “Cougar” Zank, move in with them,” says a source. “He’s staying in the guest room. Heidi’s upset about it, but Spencer doesn’t care. He thinks it’s funny like You, Me, and Dupree.”(That’s the movie with Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson)

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