Tuesday, May 4, 2010

June Covers

Mag time again. June issues are starting to hit the stands across the globe and here are the first lot to come through.
WHO: Kylie Minogue
THOUGHTS: LOVE!!!! Subscriber cover is... ummm.. interesting. something new so they get a gold star for creativity.

WHO: Crystal Renn, Alessandra
Ambrosio and Brooklyn Decker
WHAT: US Glamour
THOUGHTS: FAVE MAG EVER! Their covers never fail to capture a trend or a feeling. In this case summer.

WHO: Cheryl Cole
WHAT: UK Harper's Bazaar
THOUGHTS: I don't get the whole Cheryl Cole thing. But she wears nice stuff and has pretty hair so that's enough for me.

WHO: Sarah Jessica Parker
WHAT: Aus Cosmopolitan

WHO: 5 hot new Aussie models
WHAT: Aus Harper's Bazaar
THOUGHTS: I LOVE the subscriber cover way better.

WHO: Some guy called Drogba and Christian Ronaldo
WHAT: Vanity Fair
THOUGHTS: I can't read this on the bus with that cover!!!

WHO: Madonna
WHAT: Interview
THOUGHTS: Controversial but awesome

WHO: Leona Lewis
WHAT: UK InStyle
THOUGHTS: s'okay. Doesn't knock my socks off.

WHO: Sarah Jessica Parker
WHAT: Madison
THOUGHTS: falls a little flat for me.