Sunday, May 9, 2010

More June covers

WHO: Kristen Stewart
THOUGHTS: I have decided that I find her extremely annoying.

WHO: Pink
WHAT: US Cosmopolitan
THOUGHTS: It's okay. Not their best cover but nice to see Pink there. Has she got an album coming out I don't know about? Seems like odd timing

WHO: Jennifer Lopez
WHAT: UK Marie Claire
THOUGHTS: Sexy. fells like something from about 5 years ago though.
WHO: Jennifer Aniston
WHAT: AUS Marie Claire
THOUGHTS: I really like this cover. Simple but Strong.

Who: Sarah Jessica Parker
WHAT: US Marie Claire
THOUGHTS: Hot. Is that the same dress Demi Moore wore on the controversial W cover

WHO: Scarlett Johansson
WHAT: V magazine
THOUGHTS: She looks like a 12 year old Lolita. Don't love.

WHO:  Katy Perry
WHAT: Lucky
THOUGHTS: Fun, Fresh, Bright.


  1. i love your comments. more like this please!

  2. Thanks for the feedback... More like this coming right up