Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More June magazine covers

: WHO: Amanda Seyfried
WHAT: Teen Vogue
THOUGHTS: LOVE! Teen Vogue hardly ever put a foot wrong with their covers. I also love that she looks a little different from how we are used to seeing her.

WHO: Cate Blanchette
 WHAT: W magazine
THOUGHTS: Movie was boring, although I enjoyed my nap. She looks STUNNING but when does she not?

WHO: Blake Lively
WHAT: US Vogue
THOUGHTS: I love a Summer Vogue cover. They always look like how you would want to spend your summer days.

WHO: Blake Lively
WHAT: Cleo

WHO: Nicole Kidman
THOUGHTS: Is this an old shot of her?

WHO: Some model
WHAT: Notebook
THOUGHTS: If winter was a cover this would be it! I don't care how cold it is I want to live inside thiscover. Life looks nice there.

WHO: Jessica Alba
WHAT: Tatler
THOUGHTS: I didn't even know it was her. Love the colour. There aren't many ways to pull off a good looking green cover, but this is a so pretty.

WHO: Do I really need to spell it out?
WHAT: Entertainment Weekly
THOUGHTS: I love it when there is a movie coming out with several female leads. You always end up with beautiful cover shots like this one.

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