Thursday, June 3, 2010

July Mag Covers

Here are the start of the July Mag covers. This year needs to slow down already!
WHO: Cameron Diaz
WHAT: UK Vogue
THOUGHTS: Great cover! Very summer on the mediteranian! (which is where I will be next week)

WHO: Liv Tyler
WHAT: Tatler
THOUGHTS: Again... summer on the Mediteranian. Not sure why this UK society mag keeps putting Americans on the cover though.

WHO: Gwen Stefani
WHAT: UK InStyle
THOUGHTS: Funky and fresh for them. Usually find instyle a little flat so this is a nice change

WHO: Jessica Biel
WHAT: US Glamour
THOUGHTS:  Do they ever do bad covers? Simple answer.. NO. I get so excited when I see a new Glamour cover.

WHO: Milla Jovovich
WHAT: Lucky
THOUGHTS: Is this cover from 1992 or 2010?

WHO: Kristen Stewart
THOUGHTS:  I am a major Twilight fan but I don't love her. She leaves me feeling a little cold. This cover does feel very Twilight though.

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  1. Jessica Rabbit from the neck down.