Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trust Lindsay to find a way to get around the NO DRUNGS order.

She is a freaking genius!!!! 

A week after she was slapped with a a no drugs and alchol order by the court, Lindsay convieniently orgainsed to have her wisdom teeth taken out. The Judge has approved specific drugs as long as they are only prescribed by her dentist. Do dentists prescribe coke these days?

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  1. Agghhh - can this girl get any more desperate?

    Cocaine was used as a dental anaesthetic for years and it's still prescribed by ENT surgeons for some procedures.

    Mostly it's been replaced by it's cousins lignocaine and novocaine. However, when it comes to drug testing time these drugs may actually mask the use of cocaine.

    Obviously losing a couple of teeth is no biggie for her. Pfft - they'll fall out anyway if her coke use is as rampant as it seems...