Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The wonderful world of retouching

Britney has been on the normal side of crazy lately and her appearance has somewhat improved and I think this is highlighted by her revealing the before and after shots for her Candies campaign. I am all for photoshop, when it comes to my own pics nothing gets posted on facebook without me waving my photoshop wand. When it comes to advertising though I do believe ALL images need a little work but need to keep a grasp on what is realistic and what is not humanly possible and I think Candies has really done a good job. Her body shape hasn't been altered too much beyond her original shape and only imperfections in her skin and swimsuit have been tidies up. Candies pretty much kept the image very close to the original, except of course for the background who doesn't suffer from body image issues so it is ok to do whatever to that.

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