Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More May Covers

WHO: Kate Hudson
WHAT: AUS Cosmopolitan May 2010
THOUGHTS: Fresh cover. Yellow always pops. Does Kate Hudson have something coming out soon that I don't know about?

WHO: Julianna Margulies
WHAT: W Magazine
THOUGHTS: Not their usual fashion icon or young up-and-comer. I love her and her show so I am sold

WHO: Leona, Lewis Ruth Jones, Elle Macpherson, Tamara Mellon, Dame Kelly Holmes, Karen Brady, Michelle Mone, Kelly Hoppen, Liz Earle and Naomi Harris
WHAT: UK Marie Claire May 2010
THOUGHTS: Not sure who they all are but the pull out cover is to launch their Inspire & Mentor campaign.

WHO: Zoe Salanda
WHAT: Self Magazine
THOUGHTS:Nice and bright. Coming into summer this is a great cover for them

WHO: Sarah Jessica Parker
WHAT: US Vogue May 2010
THOUGHTS: Someone has made friends with the retouching department! I preferred her cover for the Fist SATC movie

WHO: Oprah
WHAT: O Magazine May 2010
THOUGHTS: Love this cover for them. It is their 10th anniversary issue and the border treatment is a nice new treatment. O mag always has fresh ideas. I do think Oprah may have had some work done in the rear end of this pic.

WHO: Karlie Kloss
WHAT: Teen Vogue May 2010
THOUGHTS: Love Teen Vogue. Its so always fool of super cool people and designed really nicely. Not sure who Karlie Kloss is. Should really look that up cause if you are on the cover of Teen Vogue you are someone


  1. Begs the question, though I'm sure I know the answer. Where's CLEO?

  2. Cleo wasn't out when this was posted. I have since put it on a later post.

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