Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don't you just hate it when 10 year old photos of you in bondage make their way into the hands of the press. I know I do

Angelina will be super pissed all the hard work she has done over the last few weeks to make her look less like an Ice-Queen and more like a working mother has been undone with Star magazine publishing some VERY saucy photos. The pics are about 10 years old and show Angelina in some bondage gear and various stages of undress.

The photos are from an upcoming biography by Andrew Morton who also did the infamous Diana and Tom Cruise biographies. I think there wil be alot more explosive things leaked before the book is released next month.

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  1. Acacia, you are hilarious. I had almost forgotten that Angelina was swapping blood with her now ex-husband not that long ago. She has tried very hard to now be a shining example of motherhood, but we know better. That biography will be mighty juicy I think! Please keep us updated.