Thursday, July 29, 2010

Taylor Momsen is now BFF with Madonna and Lourdes... weird

If you didn't already know Madonna's daughter Lourdes has her own clothing line coming out soon through Macy's in the US and for reasons beyond understanding they have chosen Taylor Momsen as their campaign model.
Does this mean 16 year old girls aspire to look like a cracked out working girl? Cause that's the kind of get-up Taylor is running around town in these days.

Whatever... I'm getting old and have clearly lost touch with whats cool. No wonder people look at me funny when I walk around in just a t-shirt and jeans with no holes or stains in them.
Here are some behind the scenes snaps from the shoot. This first one absolutely cracks me up.


  1. This is SO odd. I don't know why, it just is! This is little Jenny from Gossip Girl. Shouldn't she be darting around the streets of NYC listening to Miley on her iPod?

  2. no she is a little slurry!!