Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Move over Loudes there is new cool kid in town!

Stunning face - Check!
Funky clothes - Check!
Famous Parents - Check!
Cutting edge hairstyle - Check!
Weird make-up style unique to you- Check!

Daughter of Will and Jada Pinket Smith, Willow Smith is carving up the red carpets of Hollywood and photo shoots in Paris with her unique style and she is only 9. YES 9!!!!!!!!!!

Following in the footsteps of Mariah (butterflies), Lady Gaga (lightening bolt) and Kesha (random face painted lines)... Willow has her own signature marking she likes to rock - silver outline on her right ear. I don't get it but perhaps that's the point.

She isn't even in the double didgits yet and she is strutting down red carpets and modelling in photo shoots?!?!?! I bet Lourdes is holding crisis talks with her momager and publicists right now.

Willow Smith! Remember that name. I have a feeling she is going to be a force to be reckoned with!

Walking the red carpet with Mom Jada Pinket Smith

Silver outline on right ear

Photoshoot in Paris


  1. i'm sorry but i don't think she looks like a girl anymore...

  2. She has her father's ears... unfortunately.

  3. And so do I. Thanks for that dad!

  4. I'm afraid they came from your mother, Princess. Have I not told you from the time that you were a pissant that all your good genes are from me and the all the rest... well...